Blue Star RagaMuffins 
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 Blue Star RagaMuffins 
Rare   Exquisite  Bunny-soft   Exceptional  Wonderful Intelligent  Affectionate  Playful  Curious  Active  Friendly  Gentle Love-sponge        Fur Purrr-sons to Cherish as Members of the Family

Our kittens are raised as members of the family, underfoot and not caged. They eat, play and sleep with us. They are handled, groomed and adored by our children, family and friends on a daily basis. This socializes them to be the loving, affectionate kitten ready to join your family and return your love.

Petal of a Blooming Rose
Sable McTabby and White

Appearance: RagaMuffins are large, muscular, heavy cats that do not reach full maturity until approximately four years old. Females can be substantially smaller that males. The look of the body is rectangular, with broad chest and powerful shoulders supporting a short neck. Even though the cat is muscular and fit, it will have a fatty pad in the lower abdomen. The head is a broad modified wedge with a rounded forehead and obvious nose dip. Large, walnut shaped eyes give a sweet appearance. These are long haired cats with a coat that is dense and silky, like a heavily furred rabbit. The hair is longer around the neck and face (a ruff), increases in length toward the stomach and gives a wispy frill on the hind legs. Every possible color and pattern is allowable with little emphasis placed on perfections of markings.

Personality: The only extreme allowed in this breed it its very docile nature. It is people loving, affectionate and cuddly with a tendency to go limp when held. They will do just about anything for a tummy rub. While not terribly athletic, they love to play, climbing scratch posts, chasing laser lights and fetching toys. They greet not only family members but strangers at the door.

Lifestyle: RagaMuffins are always underfoot and want to be involved in what their people are doing. They get along well with children and other pets. Although they can adapt to a wide range of lifestyles, they are never aloof and thrive on companionship.

Grooming: The plush, low maintenance coat resists matting and is easily cared for with a few minutes of brushing or combing twice a week. A bath is a good idea every few months. Don’t forget to trim nails and clean ears periodically.

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Please let us know if you are interested in one of our RagaMuffins, or RagaMuffins in general. We will contact you at our earliest availability. Please indicate your prefereed method of contact, via phone, email, etc... we look forward to meeting you. The Hayward Family. 

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We are apprentice breeders as members of the RagaMuffin Associated Group. This means we are new to breeding RagaMuffins and work closely with our mentor to ensure the health and safety of our RagaMuffins. RagaMuffin Associated Group is the  Parent club of the Original RagaMuffin Breed  affiliated with the ACFA and CFA. Breeder members of RAG follow  constitutional rules, by-laws and a strict code of ethics to encourage, promote, and improve the health and breeding of RagaMuffin cats by maintaining standards, encouraging exhibitions and offering services to its members. The RagaMuffin Associated Group is not-for-profit. RagaMuffin Owners and Fanciers are encouraged to join the RagaMuffin Associated Group.
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